What Sets us Apart from others 

Finding Inspiration in Every Turn, without Compromising Integrity.

Our goals are to produce genetically sound amazing Maine Coons! We're not a color breeder, and go for type and health.

In less than 5 years you will be able to look at a Maine Coon and say that's a SoulShine Maine Coon!
We strive for perfection, as any ethical breeder should. We don't jeopardize health for quantity. Our goal is to produce

standard MCOs with a added accents, like larger ear tips, and a nice muzzle. We aim to bring back the Maine Coon size.

Much has been lost due to color breeding. When a judge touches our cats, they should have the feel of a Maine Coon.

What sets us apart
We fully PCR every cat that enters our home.. The key to understanding PCR, this genetic material can be DNA, or in RNA in

sequence. Every parasite, bacterium, or virus contains genetic material.
PCR testing can be done via blood, stool, skin scraping, cheek or throat swab...  What does this tell you? The true health

of your cat! We test via swab, blood, fungal and run a full fecal PCR. I'm proud to say all of my breeding cats are free from;
E. Coli
Calici virus
Corona virus
Immunodeficiency virus
Infectious peritonitis
Feline leukemia
PCR tests are highly sensitive since they differentiate pathogenic strains, that can appear similar in nature.
We also run randoms throughout the year.

We run DNA analysis on all our pride. No matter if the kitten we keep is from clear lines. We are now exclusively using

only Optimal Selection https://www.wisdompanel.com (Wisdom panel). Maine Coons are prone to some major heath

issues, and DNA helps us keep a eye on this. We only work with DNA -/-,  clear Maine Coons. Optimal checks for 50 genetic

known MCO traits.

Yearly we ekg/echo all of our pride. We use the same Cardiologist every year. She is extremely versed in Maine Coons.

The aim is to have the same fractions as last year's, and have no change. Why do we do this when DNA is clear?

DNA has only found 2 DNA sequence related to HCM. We know there has to be more. We vow to keep on top of this, and not

cut corners. While we're in there, we have a kidney scan done also to check the health of kidneys. Maine Coons are prone to

polycystic kidney disease (PKD), as we know DNA alone isn't enough.

Hips/ Hip Dysplasia
Maine Coons are the giants of the cat world, and ours are definitely on the large side. It is important to have hips graded.

At one year we have a preliminary grade, final grade comes at 2 years of age.
We will not work with, subluxation where the ball is partially out of the socket, out of socket or even close.
We will work with, a deep seated ball (femoral head) which fits tightly into a well-formed socket (acetabulum) with minimal

joint space. There is almost complete coverage of the socket over the ball. Graded Excellent.
Or... slightly less than superior but a well-formed congruent hip joint is visualized. The ball fits well into the socket and good

coverage is present. Graded Good.
We stop there... Even with a Fair grade you can risk ball slightly slipping out of the socket causing a minor degree of joint


Our guarantee to you...
Because we do all the testings and knowing our lines testing history. We are currently offering a 5 year guarantee. Our goal is

to get to 8 years, hopefully 10 in the future. We will never cut  corners! This is for your piece of mind that your Maine Coon

is free from genetic components that cause death in the breed. You will also always have our support for the life of your

kitten. Even if it's minor questions, we are always here to help!
We take a hands off approach with our kittens. Our vets do everything except deworming. When you get your kitten you

should have a vet check with your vet as outlined in the contract, and rabies vaccine given. We do not do rabies vaccines.

They need to be in your name. Same with microchip information. 

Every single kitten that leaves, takes a piece of my soul with them. They are my everything until they go to their forever

homes. I'm extremely blessed I get to bless others with the love and dedication I put into each one of my babies.

We have been blessed with a line of Therapy, Emotional Support Maine Coons! If you have the need for one, please contact

us so we can take you though the proper channels.