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Our Kittens

Finding Inspiration in Every Turn, without Compromising Integrity

Our Deposit Policy
A $150 deposit will hold your spot and will be taken off the final payment of your kitten.
We work litter to litter to keep wait times down. Our kittens are in very high demand and i
t's not fair to those who want a kitten and get passed because the waitlist is full. Then turn around and tell the waitlist family we have a kitten for them. Then to find out they went elsewhere. I spend hours with someone getting to know our adopters and always help with questions. I always ask people to let me know if anything changes, so I can open a spot for someone else. 

This will come after our phone interview.***

We work off a pre-approved waitlist. Please contact us for the proper steps for placement on the list.  Any kittens that might be up for adoption will be placed on this page. You will see "Kittens Available" on our home page, which will link here.

Screenshot_20220306-175110_Gallery (1).jpg

A few of our previous babies from different Kings and Queens over the years, our FaceBook page is the best source of "Keeping up with SoulShine" as we 

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