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I feel so incredibly blessed that I found Melissa! I have a daughter on the spectrum, and we had been encouraged by therapists that a cat could be beneficial... So I spent a couple of years searching for the perfect breeder. Let me tell you... Melissa is exceptional.

There is a reason she has a waitlist... Not only are all her cats amazing, but she made sure we had the perfect cat for us. I can't express how much I hoped and prayed that I could find something that could help my daughter in ways that I can't... Melissa truly cares for each one of her kittens, loving them as if she plans on keeping each and everyone, only to place them in loving homes. The sacrifices she makes, the love she pours into each of these little kitten souls... It shows.

I stayed in contact with Melissa over an extended period of time while waiting for our kitten. She was always ready to answer any and all questions we had. She extensively tests her breeding cats and would never do anything at the expense of a living soul... Her love for these cats is shown in all of her actions and care that she gives to each SoulShine cat and kitten. 

My family and I are so happy to have found Melissa. I recommend her with all the enthusiasm I have!

Thank you, Melissa, for making my little girl's dream come true. He has helped more than we ever expected!!!



This is "Loki" (Flame) with his person, Lily

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