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What do we offer?
Offering only the most beautiful, large, standard Maine Coon Kittens for sale in Raleigh, Charlotte, Asheville, Wilmington, Greensboro, and beyond into South Carolina, Virginia, West Virginia, Georgia - Florida, Nevada, California (Our lines are there also, and we're happy to refer you.) and all over the United States. We hope you enjoy our Maine Coon Kittens, a.k.a., our kids as much as we do, with our many years of Ethical Maine Coon Breeding experience we can guide you and show you what set us apart from other breeders both legitimate and scammers. We can help educate you so you make the right decisions in your search for the perfect family companion or emotional support Maine Coon.

Who is SoulShine Maine Coons?
We are a small cattery based in Raleigh, NC and we believe in ethics and preserving this wonderful breed. As a popular and peer-respected professional Maine Coon Breeder we are dual registered with TICA and CFA while specializing in breeding only the most beautiful, extra large, and genetically healthy Maine Coon bred Maine Coon kittens for sale.

What about our breeding program?
As ethical Maine Coon Breeders we only place the healthiest high-quality Male Breeders and Female Breeders into our stringent and uncompromising Maine Coon Breeding Program resulting in the magnificent breed standard Maine Coon Kittens we sell and back with our heart and soul along with a 5 year written health guarantee, learn more.

What sets us apart?

Testing, testing, and more testing is the only way to be sure our breeding kings and breeding queens and are healthy and capable of carrying on the SoulShine Standards of Excellence that we have come to be known for in the Maine Coon breeders world.  People from all over the USA including Raleigh, Charlotte, Durham, Fayetteville, and Chapel Hill along with Many South Carolina locations like Charleston, Myrtle Beach, Rock Hill, and many others are adopters and future adopters of our breed standard Maine Coon Kitten for sale.

What are our Breeding Goals?
First and foremost it's our goal and passion to breed healthy highly intelligent Maine Coon Kittens from original Maine Coon foundation line cats that all have their own sweet and unique personalities. We are ethical breeders operating in a closed cattery environment, it's our goal to breed within the Maine Coon standard - highly important.  We want to make sure the breed's health is considered for every mating so we always test mating pairs. Some breeders will breed very extreme characteristics into their bloodlines, at SoulsShines Maine Coon Cattery we keep to TICA and CFA standards for both health reasons and show reasons. Here is an article that speaks to The Maine Coon Standard, it's informative and provides a lot of helpful information when choosing a North Carolina Maine Coon breeder to work with.

How about Emotional Support Maine Coons?
We are also true believers in Maine Coons as Therapy animals, we are a leading provider of Emotional Support for Maine Coon kittens in the region and the US, Contact us about this worthy option of connecting humans to kittens.

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SoulShine Maine Coons

Raleigh, NC



Maine Coon Kittens for sale in North Carolina
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